Ship-n-Destroy - Disclaimer


Ship-n-Destroy is a secure online shipment destruction company that is located in the United States. We specialize in the secure destruction of paper and electronic storage media such as hard drives & backup tapes. Ship-n-Destroy only ships to and from locations inside the United States.


All accepted material(s) are considered confidential and will be in the care and custody of Ship-n-Destroy at all times. Material(s) received from the customer shall be considered for the purpose of reference to consist of records and information generated by the customer. Ship-n-Destroy can in no way know of its contents nor can it certify the origin of the material, the dates of the information provided or its actual contents without customer documentation.


Ship-n-Destroy offers two forms of destruction services, premium and standard. When using Premium, the customer is shipped a secure lockable tote with two numbered locks. When using Standard, the customer ships their materials in their own packaging. In order to maintain trackability of inbound and outbound packages Ship-n-Destroy does not allow the use of personal and/or other business UPS® accounts to ship packages to their facility.


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Ship-n-Destroys uses UPS® Ground to ship packages from all over the U.S. to their facility. Packages that are enroute to Ship-n-Destroy's facility are the responsibility of UPS® and not Ship-n-Destroy. Ship-n-Destroy is not liable for lost or stolen items that are not in the possession of Ship-n-Destroy. Ship-n-Destroy is not liable for boxes that are not properly sealed or secured per Ship-n-Destroys and UPS® guidelines.


For UPS® shipment disclaimer information view their UPS® TARIFF/TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE GUIDE, section 48 - Responsibility for Loss or Damage.


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