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paper shredding and paper disposal

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Destroying and disposing of hard drive, paper, computer electronics



  • Desktop Computer

    Desktop Computer

  • Laptop Computer


  • Hard Drive

    Hard Drive

  • External Hard Drive

    External Hard Drive

  • Backup Tape

    Backup Tape

  • CD


  • Phone/PDA



What do the above items have in common? They all are forms of electronic media that store confidential information that can be used to steal things like your identity, corporate trade secrets and/or financial records. Ship-n-Destroy was created to help you safeguard your personal information by properly destroying and disposing of this electronic media. Landfilling your electronics is not only illegal but also unsafe. There are data collectors who may prey upon your information the moment you drop it off. Landfills can be a gold mine for these people who take your disposed electronic items, tear them apart and sell the pieces for scrap or refurbish and reuse them.


Hard drives live in all forms of electronics not just desktop computers or laptops. Facsimile machines, phones, external back up drives all store data/information that is not easily wiped clean. Reformatting electronic media does not mean your information is forever erased from memory. There are sectors on this electronic media that are “bad”, meaning they cannot be re-written over. There are many terms that are now floating around the world wide web and many authoritative authors all giving you advice as to what is safe and what is not? Do you degauss? Shred? Sanitize? All of these are means to clean or wipe your hard drive of its confidential information, but not all of them are 100% guaranteed to work. Ship-n-Destroy physically destroys your information with our Certified Hard Drive Hammer. This assures that your hard drive will be completely destroyed by crushing the memory platters. Unlike other methods such as drilling, overwriting, or degaussing, our HD Hammer assures that your information is permanently irretrievable. Ship-n-Destroy's secure plant is operated by  SecurShred, an information destruction company that has been certified for hard drive and paper media destruction for plant-based and mobile operation by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). Regularly and randomly, NAID audits our facilities, personnel, equipment, and polices & procedures. This ensures that your sensitive documents are safe and secure and all confidential materials are properly destroyed and recycled. Click here to learn more about NAID.


Upon completion of destruction, a Certificate of Destruction is sent to you via email. This certificate will contain a listing of the serial numbers from your hard drive(s), computers, and/or phones/PDA's for your records.


  • Paper and Files


  • Receipts


  • statements


  • Credit Cards

    Credit Cards/ID Cards

  •    Pill Bottles

    Pill Bottles

  • xrays



What is the difference between a home shredding machine and Ship-n-Destroy's?

Our paper shredding equipment has powerful blades that shred material into nickel size unrecognizable bits instead of long vertical shreds. Vertical shreds can still be pieced together, were as our shredding equipment destroys the paper into small pieces . Using our method, files and information cannot be reconstructed as they mix with thousands of pounds of paper from other orders. The paper is then baled in a NAID certified plant and is securely shipped to a paper mill for recycling. All material is secure until it is properly recycled back into paper and other products.


What about the staples and paperclips?

Many of our customers ask us what can go into our shredder. As a rule of thumb, material other than paper should be avoided. However, it is completely acceptable to ship paper containing staples, paperclips, binder clips and envelope windows.  If our customers have non-paper media for destruction such as pill bottles, product, tapes, hard drives and uniforms, in large volumes, we ask that they do not mix this material with their paper media. Instead we encourage putting this material into its own box or bag separating the paper from the other items.


The secure chain of custody of paper from our location to the time when it is turned into pulp is an important process for some people. This is why Ship-n-Destroy bales all of its own shredded paper and seals the trailer before transport and has an agreement in place with the mill for the responsible disposal of destroyed material. Ensuring a secure chain of custody of your confidential information is a top priority of Ship-n-Destroy. The vast majority of our destruction of paper media is performed on-site using one of our mobile shredding trucks. All shredded paper media is transported and unloaded at our South Burlington, Vermont secure warehouse. At this certified warehouse, the shredded paper is baled and loaded onto a trailer. Once full, the trailer is sealed and transported to a domestic paper mill for recycling. Once at the mill, the bales of shredded paper are under security watch until they are loaded into a machine that turns the paper into pulp for eventual processing into tissue paper products. Once processed, the recycled paper products are then redistributed throughout local communities. Common household goods being shipped from the paper mill include paper towels, facial tissues and toilet paper.


  • Plant based shredding machine

    Plant Based Shredding Machine

  • blades inside shred truck

    Shred Truck Shredding Blades

  • baling machine

    Paper Baler

  • paper bales

    Baled Paper

  • Recycled paper products

    Recycled Paper Products



Anything that has a signature, account number, social security number, or medical or legal information (plus credit offers) such as:

Address labels from junk mail and magazines
ATM receipts
Bank statements
Birth certificate copies
Canceled and voided checks
Credit and charge card bills, carbon copies, summaries and receipts
Credit reports and histories
Documents containing maiden name (used by credit card companies for security reasons)
Documents containing names, addresses, phone numbers or e-mail addresses
Documents relating to investments
Documents containing passwords or PIN numbers
Driver's licenses or items with a driver's license number
Employee pay stubs
Employment records
Expired passports and visas
Un-laminated identification cards (college IDs, state IDs, employee ID badges, military IDs)
Legal documents
Investment, stock and property transactions
Items with a signature (leases, contracts, letters)
Luggage tags
Medical and dental records
Papers with a Social Security number
Pre-approved credit card applications
Receipts with checking account numbers
Report cards
Resumes or curriculum vitae
Tax forms
Travel itineraries
Used airline tickets
Utility bills (telephone, gas, electric, water, cable TV, Internet)


For more information regarding our services, please do not hesistate to contact our Shredding Professionals at 877-863-3003, Extension 2, Monday through Friday 8:30 to 4:30 EST or email them at [email protected].

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