The importance of recycling your electronics – Ship-n-Destroy


Why E-cycle? Landfilling Computers is Illegal

In most states, laws prevent companies from depositing environmentally harmful computers and electronics into our landfills. Historically, less than 10% of obsolete computers are recycled. Most sit in a store room or closet taking up valuable office space. However, obsolete computer equipment is the fastest growing component in our landfills. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's estimates, electronic products constitute 1% of municipal waste, with more than 63 million computers retired in the U.S. annually. E-waste is growing 3x faster than other waste, and many discarded E-waste items contain toxic materials. The average desktop computer contains heavy metals and plastics that may include mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium and lithium - all potentially hazardous to our health.


Responsible Electronics Recycling

Ship-n-Destroy uses End of life recyclers that comply with all State and Federal regulations will recycle your hardware into its raw materials for reuse. Our recyclers are located in the U.S. and use a "cradle to grave" tracking system. This assures that the electronic waste does not end up in the hands of other companies, landfills or illegally exported to other nations.

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What We E-cycle

• CPUs, Towers, Servers
• Desktops and Laptops
• Monitors - CRTs and LCDs
• Keyboards, Mice, Cables, etc.
• Handheld Electronic Devices
• Printers and Fax Machines
• Print/Copy/Scan Work Stations
• Hard Drives
• Cell Phones, PDAs
• Battery Backups
• And other materials

What We Destroy

• Hard Drives
• Cassette & Cartridge Tapes
• CDs, DVDs, Zip and Floppy Disks
• Reel Film
• And other materials

Cell phones Battery backup    Servers


* All computers, printers and fax machines are checked for hard drives prior to being recycled.